Aalto Industrial Internet Campus

Industrial internet is one of the most important disruptive technologies, both in Finland and worldwide. Aalto University invests heavily in the topic, with over 10 professors participating along with their groups.

Aalto Industrial Internet Campus (AIIC) is a joint strategic initiative between the School of Science, the School of Electrical Engineering and the School of Engineering . It is a joint platform for students, researchers, innovators, and companies for research, education, and innovation in the area of industrial internet. Industrial companies are welcomed to act as co-investors to the platform (equipment, software, data, people, networks, problems, etc.).

The AIIC research portfolio for covers core topics of industrial internet from two angles: the collection, management, and sharing of data (Data Governance) and the deployment of data for end-to-end applications in product design (Smart Design), production (Smart Factory) and maintenance (Smart Maintenance).

These projects will study concrete cases from several industries, including metal, maritime, forest, and built environment clusters. Industrial companies and their partners from these clusters are invited to join the project partnerships. Results of the projects will include concrete roadmaps and demonstrators for implementing novel industrial internet solutions in these clusters for added value and productivity gains.

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